Ridley Scott consulting on Aliens: Colonial Marines

Alien, Blade Runner and Tron designer also on the team

Gearbox has revealed that they have the director of the original Alien film, Ridley Scott consulting on Aliens: Colonial Marines.

The new FPS in the Alien series is also receiving constructive input from one of the designers on the original movie, Blade Runner and the original Tron film, Sid Mead.

Gearbox's Matt Power said: "We spoke with Ridley Scott, and Sid Mead, a designer on the movie and a futurist. [Sid Mead] designed the light cycle for Tron, and elements of Blade Runner and Aliens. We met with him and he pulled out bits of concept art for the film that he didn't use, and those environments appear in the game."

Powers continued: "We're really excited about going back to the plane LV-426, and to relive parts of the movie. But we also wanted to expand the canon with new stuff. We really wanted to make sure we got the aliens to move and act right before we showed the game."

Thanks NowGamer.

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