GameStop testing a console game streaming service

US retailer preparing an Onlive rival

GameStop is currently in the early phases of beta-testing on a console game streaming service.

The US retailer recently bought Spawn Labs, a company that specialises in peer-to-peer game streaming services with an eye to evolving their technology into a cloud-based service.

Tony Bartel, GameStop president, revealed: "Spawn recently began its first beta and is currently live, testing the streaming of Xbox 360, PS3 and PC games from a data centre in Austin, Texas."

He continued: "There's a whole cadre of services that GameStop can offer far beyond just Spawn. The beauty of Spawn is it can take a very large assortment of games. There's really no restriction versus an Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game. We're also experimenting with PC game delivery as well, but we can take that to any Internet-connected device including TV. So clearly, it's part of our acquisition forethought. We anticipated being involved in smart TVs as well."


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