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EA and Funcom to launch The Secret World next year, beta coming at the end of the month

Funcom aiming for and April launch

EA has announced that they have partnered up with Age of Conan studio Funcom to deliver their latest MMO The Secret World.

The Secret Garden will see players explore real-world locations in a storyline that brings myths and legends such as vampires to lift and draws players into conspiracies that seek to control governments. It will launch fully in April of next year.

Ragnar Trnquist, senior producer and creative director said: "It has never been more rewarding working on The Secret World than it is now. The progress we are making in development allows the whole team to really enjoy just playing the game for hours on end. We are all looking forward to bringing in players through upcoming betas, and their feedback will be crucial to the further development of the game as we progress toward the April 2012 launch."

Funcom will begin beta-testing their new title on August the 26th and anyone interested in joning the beta can sign up on The Secret World's official website.

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