Eidos Crash 'n' Burn

New game rips up the road... we assume

UK developer Climax and UK publisher Eidos today announced a brand spanking new partnership which will see a brand new title heading to market in the shape of Crash 'n' Burn, a title which - as you may have guessed already - sounds remarkably like Burnout. This new arcade driving title, being developed in lovely Brighton, will be out on the PS2 and Xbox this Autumn.

Not only will Climax's latest be their publisher's first game to take advantage of console online features - supporting sixteen players - it will also be revealed fully at E3 next month stateside.

"We've been able to use the technology and expertise gained from driving games like the MotoGP series to allow us to focus strongly on gameplay, and we think the results are going to resonate with gamers," stated Climax MD Tony Beckwith. "The driving genre has become very predictable and conservative over recent years and creating a new brand has given us the opportunity to understand what made us love vehicle-based games in the first place."

E3 Trailer