Nintendo concedes the first-party 3DS launch line-up was weak

3DS needed more core first-party titles at launch
p>Nintendo of America's Reggie Fils-Aime has admitted that they dropped the ball a bit with their first-party launch titles for the 3DS.

Their main in-house launch titles were Pilotwings and three different versions of Nintendogs and Cats neither of which really have the pulling power of Zelda, Mario or even Samus Aran.

On the launch line-up Fils-Aime conceded: "We needed to have key franchises and stronger first-party titles."

The release of The Ocarina of Time has begun to help pick things up for Nintendo and Star Fox already lifting 3DS sales in Japan, Fils-Aime explained: "We've seen similar results from Japan with the launch of Starfox (July 14). We have high expectations for (Pokemon Rumble Blast, out Oct. 24) and the two Mario titles (Super Mario 3D Land in November; Mario Kart 7 in December). Certainly, we needed to have stronger support at the launch from a first-party perspective and maybe have some of these key first-party titles earlier in the launch window in order to get the system selling stronger at the start and, ongoing, drive momentum."

The 3DS will see a world wide price drop from tomorrow.

Thanks USA Today.

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