UK supermarkets drop well below expected 3DS price cut

3DS price drops as low as 120 GBP

The big supermarkets in the UK have gone to town on this week's 3DS price cut dropping well below the expected 150 GBP.

Nintendo announced a price cut for the 3DS last month but didn't give a value for the expected drop in the UK. As a result the cut UK retailers have gone to town dropping the 3DS price as low as 120 GBP.

Morrisons are selling the 3DS for 120 GBP and Zelda: The Ocarina of Time 3D and Street Fighter IV 3D for 25 GBP.

Online GameStop are selling the 3DS for 135 GBP with BestBuy offering it for 130 GBP and selling it for a conservative 160 GBP.


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