Decide the greatest NBA team ever in NBA 2K12

Legendary teams to feature in this year's title

2K Sports will give NBA fans the chance to settle once and for all the argument over which NBA team from history is the all-time greatest with NBA 2K12.

After seeing huge amount of success last time out with the extensive tribute to Michael Jordan's career in his Hall of Fame year with NBA 2K11, This year's game will feature a whole host of legendary line-ups featuring the likes of Kareem Abdul-Jabar, Julius 'Dr J' Irving, Larry Bird and Avery 'Magic' Johnson.

As well as playing through classic match-ups from some of the greatest games of all time players will be able to pit these historical team lineups against the best today's NBA has to offer.

NBA fans will be able to see in Kobe Bryant's Lakers are a patch on Magic Johnson's or Kareem Abdul-Jabar's or see if Larry Bird's Lakers can match up to the Jordan-era Bulls.

NBA 2K12 is out on Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, PSP and Wii on October the 7th.

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