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Resistance 3 Public Beta Details Confirmed

Insomniac Games reveals the skinny on the upcoming beta

Those interested in the upcoming sequel to the Resistance trilogy should start up the hype train. Insomniac Games has revealed new details for the upcoming beta for the game.

For UK gamers, you'll get VIP treatment if you're a Playstation Plus subscriber and have VIP beta access starting on August 10th and you'll be able to download the client starting on that date from the PS's Store's PS Plus section. Non-subscribers will have to wait for further details to be able to gain access to the beta.

In the US, purchasers of SOCOM 4 with the Resistance 3 sticker will gain early access to the beta as well at some point on August 4th by redeeming the code. Playstation Plus subscribers will have to wait until August 23rd to get your Resistance fix and unfortunately non-subscribers are again left in the cold.

"The Public Beta includes two of our five multiplayer modes, Team Deathmatch and Chain Reaction (the other three are Deathmatch, Breach, and Capture the Flag). You can level your character up, buy and upgrade weapons and abilities, customize your loadouts and unlock new character skins. We have capped the level in the beta at 20, so you won't be able to get the full range of abilities, modes, maps, and weapons until the game launches in September."

Thanks CVG.

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