Gamestop to offer PC digital downloads

Downloadable PC games to be available right at retail

In an effort to bring in more incentives for customers to purchase at their stores: Gamestop will begin to allow customers to purchase digital downloadable PC titles.

You'll be able to use "any accepted form of payment" for your purchase at your local store. What it appears to be the highlight is "any accepted form of payment" meaning that gamers can trade games for credit towards purchase of PC downloads.

Amazon also allows this practice on their online-storefront as well. The first game for players to use this practice is for Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Those that purchase the digital version will receive Dues Ex: Game of the Year Edition and Dues Ex: Invisible War. You'll also get "Explosive Mission" DLC and double power-up reward points. It appears this will be the first of many games to come for this program.

Thanks Joystiq.

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