Nintendo cuts the price of the 3DS to push sales

3DS only sold 0.7 million units so far

Nintendo has confirmed world-wide price cuts for the 3DS to help boost sales over Christmas.

Their first quarter financial figures revealed that the groundbreaking new handset had only sold 710,000 units globally with software sales sitting at 4.5 million across the full range of titles.

The price cuts will take effect with the US seeing the price drop from 250 USD to 170 USD, Australia dropping from 350 AUD to 250 AUD and Japan seeing the price slashed from 25,000 YEN to 15,000 YEN.

As with the launch price Nintendo are yet to confirm how much the price cut will be in Europe and may just inform guide retail by how much they cut the trade price.

Nintendo told VG247 this morning: "I can confirm that Nintendo of Europe will be reducing the European trade price of Nintendo 3DS to retailers by around a third from August 12 2011, as part of a global trade price reduction initiative. The ultimate price to consumers is, of course, determined by retailers, however we look forward to consumers benefiting from much lower retail prices very soon."

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