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EA shooting for a strong start for Star Wars: The Old Republic

Gibeau is confident that SWTOR will be a success

EA Games boss Frank Gibeau is very confident that Star Wars: The Old Republic will have a successful launch.

Based on the pre-order figures Gibeau is pretty confident that the game can score healthy player numbers in the multiple millions when it launches.

He explained to investors in the the conference call for the first quarter financials: "We've got a very aggressive plan to be able to scale multiple millions of users coming into the Star Wars franchise and service this fall."

He continued: "We're looking at pre-order campaigns and telemetry coming in from retail as well as online to get a sense of the overall base, and it's very strong. We're pretty relaxed about what we're going to be able to achieve there. We feel very bullish to be able to come into this category with a fresh offering, something that's brand new that appeals to a majority of that category. And it's a category that hasn't seen a lot of releases that fit the scale over the years and we feel like we're in a good position to pick up on a lot of latent demand."

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