Splash Damage: Crunch needs to be minimised

It does happen but it shouldn't be taken for granted

The head of Brink developer Splash Damage has hit out at the idea that punishing crunch time is part and parcel of game development.

Paul Wedgewood, who founded Splash Damage from his roots in PC mod development, has spoken on the problems of crunch time which have been brought to light by the alleged unpaid overtime schedules at Team Bondi during the development of LA Noire.

He explained that planning ahead was a key process at Splash Damage that helps them minimise the time they spend in crunch. He began: "We constantly strive to improve production so that [crunch] isn't a demand that we take for granted, [or a demand] that we assume we're going to be able to make. I think that's absolutely critical."

Wedgewood admitted that it does happen but they prefer for staff to volunteer overtime rather than enforcing it. He added: "There's just no way of avoiding it. Things just get forgotten. We're human, you know? We make mistakes. For Splash Damage, when we do overtime, it's planned in advance and we're able to compensate people appropriately for, in an ideal world, volunteering to do additional work. That's the ultimate ideal goal."

Thanks Edge Online.

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