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Star Wars: The Old Republic to have 500 worlds by 2025

BioWare reveals ambitious plans for SWTOR

BioWare has extremely grand plans for Star Wars: The Old Republic that extend well into the next decade.

At a panel at this year's San Diego Comic-Con SWTOR's lead designer, James Ohlen, revealed that they hope they will be able to keep the game going for decades and expand the game well beyond the 19 major worlds which it will launch with.

He revealed: "Well, I can say that we have 19 major worlds. Then we have an indeterminate number of minor worlds. And our goal, obviously this being an online game, that we're hoping is going to last for decades, we're going to be, obviously, adding more to the galaxy map as the game progresses. We want to add dozens of worlds. Hundreds of worlds eventually. In 2025, we'll hopefully have 500 worlds."

The ambitious Star Wars MMO is expected to be released some time in December with two different special editions available for pre-order alongside the standard release.

Thanks IndustryGamers.

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