Windows 8 a unified OS for PC, mobiles and consoles?

Microsoft to take the Apple approach to OS design

More rumours have surfaced surrounding what Microsoft are planning to do with their next generation of operation system, Windows 8.

It has already been suggested that Windows 8 will allow PC gamers to use their machines to play Xbox 360 games but now it seems that Microsoft are going further.

While they have already announced that Windows 8 will be aimed at PCs and tablet devices it seems that they may be targetting Windows 8 as a catch-all OS that will run become the backbone of everything from smartphones to home PCs and even Microsoft's next generation of home console.

Windows Phone president Andy Lees clarified things a bit saying: "The key important thing here, though, is the change that's yet to happen, but it's about to happen - the bringing together of these devices into a unified ecosystem. Because if it's possible for the core of the device itself to be common across phones, PCs and TVs - and even other things because the price drops dramatically - then it will be a single ecosystem. Windows has always spanned different PC form factors, and with Windows 8 we're going to take this to a whole new level, including tablets... We are aiming to provide coherence and consistency across the PC, the phone, and the TV, particularly with Xbox."

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