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Call of Duty Elite beta begins today

Closed beta testing begins on Xbox Live

The test phase of Activision's new social networking tool for Call of Duty has begin today.

Invitations will be sent out over the coming weeks to those who registered for the Call of Duty: Elite service beta and it will be tested with Call of Duty: Black Ops over Xbox Live.

Boss of Beachhead, the studio behind the service, Charkko Sonny said: "Call of Duty Elite is all about connecting our amazing fans around the globe in ways never before possible and we are excited to get their feedback so they can help us further develop, tune and test the service, as we head into our launch in November with Modern Warfare 3. A public beta with the massive Call of Duty community is the best way to generate the scale we need for end-to-end testing. While Call of Duty Elite will continue to evolve post-launch, we want to deliver the most polished, complete and rigorously tested service possible on day one. Were looking to get as many participants in the beta as possible, so we ask that fans stay patient as we ramp up in the coming weeks."

Call of Duty: Elite will launch fully with Modern Warfare 3 when it is released on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on November the 8th.

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