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Divnich praises Sony's response to the PSN hack

Sony went above and beyond to repair the damage

EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich seems to be pretty convinced that Sony has done the very best it could to make amends for April's security breach.

Divnich praised Sony's Welcome Back packages and their sincerity and honesty throughout the outage adding that the PSN is well on its way to recovery.

He said: "In Sonys case, they gave away games with no hoops to jump through. What could be more appreciative to a gamer? I've yet to ever see a company be as authentic and sincere as Sony, they truly went above and beyond."

"It is difficult to classify the PlayStation Network as being 'fully recovered,' but the data suggests that Sony is well down the road of recovery. In terms of Sonys image, I believe it has recovered rapidly," Divnich added.

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