Japanese plan new game ratings

A whopping nine new categories

CERO, otherwise known as the Computer Entertainment Rating Organization in Japan, has announced plans for a brand new rating system classifying game content today. Previously, four categories: U, 12, 15 and 18 were used, however nine options will now be at the raters fingertips. The new ratings, which it is hoped will offer purchasers a better guide to game content before purchase, are the following: sex, violence, horror, gambling, crime, smoking & drinking, drugs, and explicit language. Which makes everything very 'explicit' indeed.

Newly rated titles will begin appearing in Japan from June, though quite what impact it'll have - if any - remains to be seen. Indeed, these ratings are still only for recommendation purposes and are not enforceable like the BBFC certificates issued to some (usually more graphic) titles here in the UK, which make sales contravening the rating illegal.

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