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Bitmap Brothers' RTS Z returns on iOS

iPad and iPhone get a taste of the unique classic RTS

The classic, fast-paced RTS from The Bitmap Brothers, Z has made a return on the iPad and iPhone.

Z returns in all its former glory with the original 20 levels spread over 5 planets, all 30 minutes of cut scenes and the added bonus of full Game Centre integration all wrapped up in its unique sense of humour.

Kavcom boss, Tony Kavanagh said: "It's finally here, and I'm pleased to say that Z: The Game on iPad and iPhone is everything we wanted it to be. We've built it from scratch for touch-screen, so it's incredibly intuitive to play, but keeps all of The Bitmap Brothers' unique style, humour and attitude. Im sure Z fans old and new will just love it."

Z was developed for iOS platforms by The Bitmap Brothers in conjunction with iOS publishers Kavcom, Peter Harrap and Ticktock Games and is out for the iPad and iPhone today for 2.99 GBP.

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