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German censors pass Gears of War 3 for sale

"No relevance" for banning Gears of War 3

German censors (BPJM) seem to have relaxed their view on the content of the Gears of War series and passed Gears 3 for sale without any cuts.

Gears and Gears 2 were classified 'List A' meaning that while it's not illegal to sell them they are not allowed to be displayed in stores and advertising is also forbidden.

Most major retailers avoid stocking 'List A' titles which means that, despite Germany being one of the largest markets in Europe, any games on the list do fairly poorly there.

The BPJM has not given any reason for their change of heart saying only that they saw "no relevance" for banning Gears of War 3.

Thanks Eurogamer.

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