Devs should do more mainstream TV says Levine

The BioWare bosses would do well on The Daily Show

Irrational Games boss Ken Levine is convinced that games developers aren't doing enough mainstream publicity especially on TV.

Levine reckons that guys like Cliff Bleszinski, Tim Schafer, Dr Ray Muzyka and Dr Greg Zeschuk should be just as at home on shows like The Daily Show as best-selling authors and politicians.

He argued: "I mean, how many times have you seen images of Transformers? Whether you want to or not you've probably seen it 15 or 20 times... We're making products that cost however many millions of dollars and have the potential to have a large audience, but... to get people who aren't alpha gamers there's a whole different kind of activity that you have to undertake."

He continued: "That isn't just about buying ads. It's the places you can reach [new people]... We need to be on mainstream shows, we need to be on NPR, we need to be on The Daily Show, we need to be in those places talking about what we do. We're still ghettoized as game developers, and Spike TV is a great place in the middle, but we really need to think about how do we reach out and talk to people so you don't have a room full of college kids saying, 'I've never heard of that damn thing.'"

"You can't find a more impressive set of guys than Ray and Greg from BioWare," Levine added. "They're medical doctors, they're MBAs, they run this company, they're brilliant game developers, but I haven't seen them on The Daily Show. It's not their fault. It's our fault. As an industry we need to think of ourselves differently. We need to think of ourselves that way and present ourselves that way... We have a responsibility. People like me, like Cliff [Bleszinski], like Ray and Greg, have a responsibility to educate people who don't think of games. Like the people booking those shows."

Thanks Gamers With Jobs.

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