Hocking compares development culture to the Vikings

Minus the raping and pillaging of course

LucasArts' creative boss, Clint Hocking, has hit out at the poor balance in games development culture.

In his most recent column in Edge Hocking compared games development and its lack of female input to a the Vikings adding that in 1066 they were beaten by a more balanced culture.

He explained: "Game development studios and their teams are largely staffed in the same way that Viking longships were crewed. Consequently, the culture is overflowing with beer and pent-up aggression, and a very significant portion of our overall cultural output is fart jokes. I think we can do better."

Hocking continued: "This means that we need to better position the industry as a desirable workplace, one in which female artists, designers, programmers and project managers would want to be employed. It involves reaching out to universities and colleges to help them attract more female applicants to their programmes, enabling us to benefit from a greater number of female graduates. Like the Viking expansion itself, this transformation probably needs to be driven from the bottom up. Like it or not, the culture onboard your ships is the culture you're exporting. Fart jokes have their place in culture, but when fart jokes become your culture you have a problem."

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