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EA Sports' FIFA Football Manager 12 developed with fans

With over 700 improvements to the most authentic football management simulation

EA Sports has announced today that they will be developing the upcoming release of FIFA Football Manager 12 in collaboration with football fans around the world.

This is the 11th edition of the management simulation and it will have a full feature set as well as game modes when the game launches this autumn.

Through its "Your Feature!" campaign, fans were able to actively participate in directing the games content for the upcoming season. Community voting helped determined which modes mattered most. Some of the modes included were "Speeches Before The Match", "European Cup Final Match", "Open Trials for New Players", and new tutorial "Manager Challenges". The game also includes improvements to its online modes including extensive avatar editor, the option of creating fantasy leagues, and a large number of new statistics.

For more information about other improvements on the game and to keep up to date on the games progress, check out more information at the official website.

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