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Id Software endorses GeForce 6 series

Carmack praises new tech

With new graphics hardware featuring NVIDIA's brand-spanking new GeForce 6 series technology currently being reported online by all and sundry, the hardware manufacturer's cause will have been boosted immensely by today's statement from id technical whiz John Carmack. "As DOOM 3 development winds to a close, my work has turned to development of the next generation rendering technology," commented Carmack. "The NV40 is my platform of choice due to its support of very long fragment programs, generalised floating point blending and filtering, and the extremely high performance."

So there you have it - NVIDIA's latest is a safe bet for those planning a Doom 3 gaming rig. Indeed, NVIDIA's new hardware certainly talks a good piece of kit, boasting blazing performance the company claims marks "the biggest generation-to-generation performance leap that we have ever seen with a new GPU," according to the firm's Jen-Hsun Huang.

"In addition to the raw performance increase, we had two fundamental strategies with the 6800 models. First was to take programmability to the next level with the industry's only GPU with Shader Model 3.0. Second was to extend the reach of GPUs to the consumer electronics market with a powerful and fully-programmable video processor capable of multiple video formats and 'prosumer' level image processing," added the CEO and President.

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