Disgraced Andy Gray replaced by Alan Smith in the FIFA 12 commentary box

EA Sports mixing up the FIFA commentary team

EA Sports has announced a new voice for the commentary box in this year's edition of FIFA.

Former England striker Alan Smith will replace the dulcet tones of disgraced commentator Andy Gray after he was sacked from Sky Sports after being recorded making sexist comments about a female referee during an break in a transmission.

FIFA 12 senior producer David Rutter put a more positive spin on the change saying: "Alan will bring a fresh, new perspective and insight to FIFA 12, working alongside the trusted and well-known voice of Martin Tyler. As one of the top-tier broadcasters on the UK football scene, he brings enormous knowledge and expert analysis to the game so that we can deliver the most authentic FIFA experience this year."

Smith added: "The natural chemistry that Martin and I have developed working live matches for TV has transferred very well to the virtual broadcast booth. Im really looking forward to FIFA fans hearing our work this fall as we bring all the match day emotion and excitement to this years game."

FIFA 12 is due out on almost every current format on Spetember the 27th in the US and September the 30th world wide.

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