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Deadly Premonition coming to Games on Demand on Xbox Live

Curious psychological thriller coming to Xbox Live as a download

Rising Star Games has announced that they will be releasing Deadly Premonition as a downloadable title on Xbox Live's Games on Demand service.

The curious psychological horror title has courted a lot of controversy by dividing critical opinion essentially becoming the 'Marmite' of the games industry, with reviewers either lavishing it with praise and perfect review scores or panning it as one of the worst games of the current generation.

Rising Star's Martin Defries said: "Deadly Premonition is a quirky and unique title we are proud to have published. We knew there was an audience for the title and we delivered them the game they wanted. Now Deadly Premonition is on Games on Demand it will give even more people a chance to marvel at this completely individual title and decide for themselves what they think of the most controversial title of 2010."

If you want to know more about Deadly Premonition check out our review of the PS3 version. Deadly Premonition will arrive on Games on Demand from Tuesday the 5th of July.

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