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Kingpin sequel sighted

On PC and Xbox

Back in the day when the PC was still the number one gaming platform, the FPS reigned supreme, one such title to grace our screens was Xatrix's dark and mature shooter Kingpin, a seedy romp through the New York underworld dripping in atmosphere and brutality, set to a Cyprus Hill soundtrack. All this in the day's before Max Payne too (1999 to be precise), and its unsurprising it was well received in the most part.

Well despite Xatrix collapsing and the team leaving to form Gray Matter (Return to Castle Wolfenstein), a recent spot on an Interplay financial report reveals that Kingpin 2 is currently in development (we don't know where), and that it should be released on the PC and Xbox. An intriguing prospect indeed. We'll keep track of all this excitement for you.

In the same conference call, Interplay also revealed that sequels to Exalted, Fallout and Dark Alliance are being planned at the publisher, hopefully we'll learn more at E3 next month.

E3 Trailer