Team Bondi to be investigated over LA Noire work conditions allegations

IGDA looking into the allegations of 12-hour work days and harsh conditions

The Independent Game Developers Association is to investigate work practices at LA Noire developer Team Bondi after former staff made allegations regarding punishing work schedules during the crunch period.

Recent reports have ex-staff at Team Bondi describing 12-hour days, expectations to work weekends and even the studio's head Brendan McNamara being very 'difficult' to work with.

Chairman of the board of directors of the IGDA, Brian Robbins said: "Certainly reports of 12-hour a day, lengthy crunch time, if true, are absolutely unacceptable and harmful to the individuals involved, the final product, and the industry as a whole."

Robbins has encouraged Team Bondi staff, past and present, to email the IDGA at if they are willing to comment on the current allegations.

Similar allegations were levelled at Rockstar San Diego just before Red Dead Redemption was released last year.


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