New James Bond game due this year?

Is this Raven's stealth-action Bond game?

According to Activision's latest projected lineup for the rest of this year there will be a new 007 James Bond game released in 2011.

There have been rumours of a James Bond title in the works at Singularity developer Raven but they have also been rumoured to be involved in the development of Modern Warfare 3 has cast a question mark over the 007 stories a little bit.

If the reports are true Raven's James Bond title is a stealth-action game moving the franchise away from the more fully action oriented titles like Blood Stone and Quantum of Solace and out of Raven's comfort zone of FPS titles.

The 007 title is yet to be announced but if it is due out in 2011 best bet is it won't be around until the end of the year, most probably the fourth quarter.

Thanks The Video Game Writers.

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