Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki to leave SEGA

Suzuki stays on with SEGA as an advisor

The man behind legendary games series like Shenmue and Virtua Fighter has announced that he will be leaving his current job with SEGA as of September.

Yu Suzuki whose biggest work was the Dreamcast killer app series Shenmue will remain at SEGA as an advisor but will now focus more attention on his own company, YS NET.

Suzuki-san said: "In 2008 I established YS NET, my current company. I'll be leaving my current job at Sega this September, and after that point I'll remain on as an advisor."

"So I've formally been with both companies from 2008 until September 2011. With the new company, I've been doing pretty much what I personally want to do myself," he continued.

Thanks Gamasutra.

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