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New APB developer coming to Scotland

Reloaded Productions to set up shop in Edinburgh

Reloaded Productions, the studio that picked up APB from its creators, Realtime Worlds when they went bust, has announced that they plan to open up a studio in Edinburgh.

Reloaded Productions CEO, Bjorn Book-Larsson said that they were lured to Scotland by the support offered to them by the Scottish Government.

Book-Larsson said: "After visiting Scotland, meeting some extraordinary game development professionals and also seeing the Scottish Government's enthusiastic support for creative and technical ventures, we decided to invest in a Scottish team focused on the core game engineering and key creative design tasks.Our hope is to expand the Scottish presence and increase the size of the team over time as we add more creative game projects as part of our global MMO development efforts."

APB was resurrected as a free-to-play MMO by Reloaded Productions and is currently going through a phase of beta-testing. To get involved visit the game's official website and sign up to be a beta tester.

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