Morality coming into the next Rainbow Six title?

New game set in NYC

It has emerged that moral choices may play a part in the next installment of Ubisoft's Rainbow Six franchise.

Kotaku is reporting to have seen a demo of the new moral choices which involves playing as a terrorist hostage who has had an explosive vest strapped to him. The player has to keep holding down the trigger on the detonator to avoid the vest exploding.

Players will also play as the Rainbow Six team as they try to stop the same terrorists from using the hostage to destroy a busy New York City bridge. The choice is between trying to save the hostage and risking losing the bridge or sacrifice the hostage to save the bridge and everyone on it.

The report also explained the plot of the new Rainbow Six. It sees the elite team called in to tackle a cell of terrorists lashing out at the corruption they see within the Wall Street establishment and the US government. They take out their frustrations on New York City and it is up to Rainbow Six to step in an save the day.

The game will also feature augmented reality features allowing players to locate team members and even target individual body parts choosing to cripple targets rather than killing them.

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