Triple-A game budgets will keep going up says Guillemot

Ubisoft using TV and film to offset the costs

Yves Guillemot, boss of French publisher Ubisoft has been sharing some of his views on the direction that triple-A game development is going in.

Guillemot admitted that he believed that games budgets were only going to continue rising and publishers and developers may need to seek alternative streams of income in order to continue funding the triple-A titles.

When asked if game budgets would continue to rise he said: "Yes. I think so, on the high definition formats, yes. So we just have to make sure we get more revenue and diversify."

Ubisoft's answer is to expand into TV and film production based on their major IPs. Guillemot added: TV work is really complementary to the games. If you can have 20 per cent or 30 per cent of your content that is created for the TV series that you can reuse in your game it's a way to reduce the cost of the game or to do a better game."


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