SEGA fully on board with Kinect, PS Vita and Wii U

They held off on showing Aliens Colonial Marines running on the Wii U at E3

SEGA West chief Mike Hayes has promised that SEGA will be supporting all the latest platforms announced at this year's E3 as well as Kinect.

Hayes stated that "anything that's new is good" while affirming their full commitment to producing titles for Kinect beginning with the exclusive Rise of Nightmares.

Hayes began: "On Kinect we've definitely bought into that with what Microsoft has been saying, they've done a great job on Kinect, so weve got Rise Of Nightmares exclusively on it, and we're using Kinect functionality in our games going forward. So it's ticked a lot of boxes."

"We've given a lot of support to Vita. I think we're the only playable third party code on the stand actually, Virtua Tennis 4. And we gave a commitment to Sony quite a while ago that we would support Vita, and youll see a lot more announcements on that over the coming months," continued Hayes.

He added: "As you know, SEGA's reasonably close to Nintendo, so again, we had the first look on Wii U. With Aliens: Colonial Marines we've actually been using the controller, but because we were the only third party that has something working it was decided not show that, quite rightly."

Thanks VG247.

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