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Cliffy B wants to do something cool for Kinect

We wouldn't say no...

Epic may not be building in Kinect support for Gears of War 3 but Cliff Bleszinski really wants to do something for Microsoft's motion sensor.

The creative boss at Epic said that if he had the time and the opportunity he'd love to sit down and make a cool Kinect game and that he was really excited by the hybrid uses of Kinect that are starting to appear like Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.

He said: "They want the hybrid experience, which I think is pretty compelling. One of the sexiest things at the press conference was the Ghost Recon thing where the guy went bam and the gun exploded. That was hot. Good for them. And I said last year at this very party... I think hybrids would be great. And now were seeing hybrids. So maybe eventually well see more hardcore games that are Kinect only, but you have 6 million Gears, however many million Halos, and however many Call of Dutys. 26 years [of traditional controls] arent going to go [away] anytime soon, right?"

Bleszinski added: "If, in the event there were to be another Gears game, thats something we might explore. But we want to do it right. If I had unlimited amounts of time and a team I could sit down and make a cool Kinect game, and I would love to, but its a matter of time and opportunity costs right now."

How about Infinity Blade for Kinect?

Thanks IndustryGamers.

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