LA Noire Rockstar Pass discount extended another week

All LA Noire DLC available for just 9.99 USD or 800 MS points a bit longer

Rockstar has announced that they have extended the discounted rate for the LA Noire Rockstar Pass.

The Rockstar Pass offers a discounted rate for buying and pre-ordering all the DLC for LA Noire all at once and is currently discounted even further until the first brand new downloadable case, the Nicholson Electroplating Arson case arrives on the 21st of June.

The LA Noire Rockstar Pass offers all the different pre-order bonus DLC content that was available through different retailers as well as two new cases including the Nicholson Electroplating Arson case which is out next week.

The LA Noire Rockstar Pass remains available at 800 MS points on Xbox Live and 9.99 USD on PSN until June the 21st.

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