Gears of War on PS3? No chance says Bleszinski

And that's the end of the matter

Somebody has finally poured cold water on speculation that the Gears of War series may eventually appear on the PS3.

Design boss at Epic Games, Cliff Bleszinski stated that Gears of War would never appear on PS3, full stop.

He said: "I would say in the foreseeable future there's zero chances of Gears of War being on the PlayStation 3. Can we bury that now? Seriously. It's like, we have a great deal with Microsoft, theyre a great partner..."

Epic president Mike Capps had suggested that he "would love" to see Gears on the PS3 but Bleszinski added off the cuff: "Its one of those things that would be exciting news. Hopefully DualShock would get tweaked a little bit, but anyway, enough about that."

Thanks IndustryGamers.

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