No movie playback for the Wii U

Nintendo deems DVD and Blu-ray playback unnecessary

Nintendo has decided against including support for disc-based movie playback on the Wii U as it did with the Wii.

The Wii U despite supporting a 25GB disc format will not play movies on DVD or Blu-ray with the company's president Satoru Iwata stating that so may people already have either a DVD or Blu-ray player that it didn't warrant the cost.

Iwata explained to investors in his quarterly Q and A session: "Wii U does not have DVD or Blu-ray playback capabilities. The reason for that is that we feel that enough people already have devices that are capable of playing DVDs and Blu-ray, such that it didnt warrant the cost involved to build that functionality into the Wii U console because of the patents related to those technologies."

The Wii U will launch next year and is expected some time in the spring or the summer.

Thanks VG247.

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