Next generation of Xbox may appear at E3 2012, Timesplitters 4 in coming to next gen

Crytek sources slip new hardware along with Timesplitters 4

A rumour has surface that Microsoft's next generation of home console hardware may make an appearance at next year's E3 along with Timesplitters 4.

According to a source close to Crytek has slipped that they are working on Timesplitters 4 for the next generation of console hardware from both Sony and Microsoft and that the next-gen Xbox version may make an appearance at E3 2012 alongside the new hardware.

Crytek bought up Timesplitters developer Free Radical after their last big title, the PS3 exclusive Haze failed to impress and renamed the studio Crytek UK.

The sources also pointed out that the next generation of console hardware is using DirectX 11 technology at its heart to ramp up the graphical prowess of the machines.

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