Dead or Alive: Dimensions to be re-rated in Australia

Sexualised content causes more probelms for Dead or Alive on the 3DS

Tecmo Koei's risque fighter Dead or Alive: Dimensions is set to be re-evaluated by the Australian ratings board after having its rating revoked.

The Australian ratings board revoked the game's age rating due to the game featuring content that was not brought to their attention.

A spokesperson for the Australian ratings board said: "Information provided to the Board last week suggested that the game contained content not drawn to the Board's attention in the original classification application. After considering the response to a show cause notice issued last Thursday, June 2, the Board made the revocation decision. Dead or Alive: Dimensions is now unclassified and cannot be sold in Australia unless it is re-submitted for classification."

Dead or Alive: Dimensions has already bee cancelled in several Scandinavian countries including Sweden where certain elements of the game are believed to contravene child pornography laws.


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