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Black Ops Escalation map pack out on PSN now

PS3 gamers can finally have a pop at the Escalation maps

Activision has announced that the Escalation map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops is now out of the revived PlayStation Store.

PS3 gamers can now finally get their hands on the latest map pack for Black Ops after the PSN shutdown extended the delay in the PS3 version of the pack.

The pack includes the Hotel, Convoy, Zoo and Stockpile maps for the main multiplayer modes and the star studded Call of the Dead expansion for the zombie mode.

Treyarch boss, Mark Lamia said: "For the millions of dedicated fans playing Black Ops each and every day online around the world, we crafted for them unique multiplayer maps and experiences with Escalation, that will allow PS3 players to continue enjoying the game for a long time to come. And with Call of the Dead, we went all out to give our loyal Zombie fans a totally new creative to enjoy."

Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation is out now on the PlayStation Store for 11.49 GBP.

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