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Denki's Quarrel finally finds a home

Excellent an quirky word game jumps to the iPhone and iPad

Denki Games' long lost title Quarrel that had originally been in development for Xbox Live Arcade has finally found a publisher and a new home.

UTV Ignition has announced that they will be publishing Quarrel but the game has jumped from the Xbox to iPhone and iPad.

For those not familiar with Quarrel, it is a strategy word game that blends elements of Risk and Scrabble and even uses the official Scrabble dictionary as a basis for the title. In Quarrel players capture territories by making bigger words than their opponents from the random letters given. The first player to capture all the territories on the given map is the winner and with 12 maps and numerous AI opponents there's plenty of challenges for players of all levels.

Denki boss Gary Penn said: "Quarrel is a deceptive beast--sure it's a classy word gamebut there's an equally suave strategic soul, a depth of personality that unfolds the moreyou play against the disarmingly human A.I. Opponents. Its distinctively endearing style, and charm makes it unique. Whether you play word games or not, it's packed with moments youhave to share."

Quarrel will be available on iPhone and iPad later on in the summer.

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