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Project Cafe revealed as the Wii U

Mysterious touch-screen controller explained

Reggie Fils-Aime has revealed the curious name for their new home console. Project Cafe will be named the Wii U.

The new controller looks like the offspring of a tablet computer and the Wii Classic Controller with built-in camera and a microphone and a gyroscope. There are traditional controls on either side of the screen including two analogue sticks, triggers and rumble

Featuring a 6.2 inch touch screen and compatible with the existing Wii controllers this can open up a huge range of new control options for games.

This screen-based controller can also be used to play games without the need to be plugged into a big TV, especially useful if you want to watch something on the telly without missing out on playing through a crucial moment in your game.

The machine has web-browsing capabilities and video chat functions as well as allowing dual-screen gaming in a home environment.

This is the ultimate blend of what Nintendo has learned from building both the Wii and the DS and will be released on in 2012.

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