Far Cry 3 revealed and it's crazy

What a nice surprise!

This one is steeped in mystery. Ubisoft Montreal's David Keen comes onto the stage and introduces a trailer.

Without naming anything they step straight into a strange tropical island setting where all the inhabitants are crazy. This is verified when one of them gives James Brody, the game's main character, a long monologue about not being crazy and then tosses him down a waterfall tied to a concrete block.

Brody wrestles free from his binds, escapes and fights his way through a small compound to a helicopter only to have it shot down.

After the crash the original crazy guy finds Brody as he crawls out of the wreckage and asks "Did I ever tell you the definition of crazy?"

This is Far Cry 3 seemingly returning to it's roots and it is probably the surprise of E3 so far. It's due out some time in 2012.

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