EA Football Club online service revealed

Social networking becomes the big thing for games this year

EA Sports has revealed a new online service that will launch with FIFA 12 as a social tool to help gamers connect with friends and share achievements even offline.

The EA Football Club is a free social networking tool that links FIFA players together and allows them to achieve a persistent online football experience. It will also allow players to share their greatest footballing achievements using social networking services like Facebook.

There is also a feature called Support Your Club which will allow football fanatics to keep their club competitive on online league tables and help them avoid virtual relegation. This can be done by playing as the club in FIFA 12 and competing against rival clubs adding an extra dimension to play.

As well as being linked to FIFA 12 it also will be accessible from home computers, tablet systems and smartphones bringing a complete online service to FIFA fans.

FIFA 12 will be out on just about everything this autumn.

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