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Planetside 2 One-Year Anniversary Bundle detailed

100 EUR worth of in-game gear included in the bundle

Sony Online Entertainment and ProsiebenSat 1 Games have announced details of the new One-Year Anniversary Bundle that will go live today.

The bundle contains around 100 EUR-worth of in-game gear including coveted weapons, headshot decals and a special One-Year Anniversary Camo. The bundle is now live on the in-game store for 3.999 SC.

Planetside 2 One-Year Anniversary Bundle detailed

The full list is as follows:

  • Heroic Boost – 50 percent - 6 months
  • Headshot Vehicle Decal
  • Headshot Armor Decal
  • One-Year Anniversary Armor Camo
  • One-Year Anniversary Weapon Camo
  • One-Year Anniversary Vehicle Camo
  • NC Rocket Launcher (Phoenix AE)
  • TR Rocket Launcher (Striker AE)
  • VS Rocket Launcher (Lancer AE)
  • RAMS .50M
  • EM4 Longshot
  • Parallax VX3
  • Serpent VE92
  • LC3 Jaguar
  • Razor GD-23
  • Corvus VA55
  • TAR
  • Carnage BR

Planetside 2 veterans will also get a special Planetside 2 decal designed by senior art director Tramell Isaac for free on December the 2nd.

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