E3: What to expect from Nintendo

Project Cafe is almost here
p>Nintendo will be seeing this year's E3 as an opportunity to begin making up lost ground on the home console front.

The official unveiling of their new hardware, codenamed Project Cafe, has been surrounded by a tempest of speculation over the systems specifications and, more particularly, the design of the controllers.

Can Nintendo pull off another major coup with a new touch-screen motion sensing controller that may or may not be interchangeable with the 3DS? This week will be our chance to find out if the rumours are true.

The software support for Project Cafe is also looking interesting with rumours that the as yet unannounced GTA V and Modern Warfare 3 will be featuring on the machine with the Nintendo version of the latter being described as the definitive version of the game.

We should also expect a big fanfare for the arrival of the eStore for the 3DS and the imminent arrival of The Ocarina of Time as well. Satoru Iwata also promised that we'd see more of Mario's first outing on the 3DS which is in development with the boys that brought is Super Mario Galaxy. Again, this will be a busy one from Nintendo.

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