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No Flash support for the 3DS

Nintendo joins Apple in the Flash boycott

Nintendo has implied that the 3DS will not support Flash as part of its web browsing capabilities.

According to a translation of Nintendo's official Japanese website Nintendo will be following Apple's line of not supporting Flash on its handhelds and consequently preventing access to the myriad of Flash games available for free on the internet.

The 3DS will get its full internet surfing capabilities in its first major firmware update. As well as the web browser, the new firmware includes the Nintendo eStore which opens up downloadable software to the 3DS including 3DSWare, DSiWare and the Virtual Console which will be stocked with Gameboy and Gameboy Colour titles to begin with.

The 3DS firmware update is due to go live next week and will also add 3D video support to the handheld.

Thanks Kotaku.

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