FIFA 12 to take the series to the next level

Real time physics ot revolutionise the FIFA series

EA has high hopes for this year's installment of the FIFA football franchise with big improvements planned for FIFA 12.

The game's producer David Rutter has been talking about what they are bringing to FIFA 12 and how it will revolutionise the series.

Rutter began: "We are lucky that the quality of the series is such that we could go, "right, what do we need to do to take it to the next level?" The gameplay innovations are part and parcel of that. Having a real-time physics engine in FIFA is a significant step forward. Precision dribbling and tactical defending has totally changed the way the game plays. Which is the reason we are being quite audacious in the bold claim of revolutionising FIFA."

He added: "We are rarely massively happy with what weve produced. But the fact we are showing the game in May, which we never do, has come about because we think we have quite a special year ahead."

FIFA 12 is due out on the usual smorgasbord of platforms in the autumn.

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