Rockstar reveals new DLC for LA Noire

Two new cases join to all the pre-order bonuses as paid DLC

Rockstar has given the lowdown on new DLC for their latest runaway success, the Team Bondi-developed LA Noire.

Alongside releasing all of the various pre-order bonus cases, there will be two all new cases, the Nicholson Electroplating Disaster Arson case and the Reefer Madness Vice case.

The Sharpshooter and Broderick detective suits (1 USD on PSN and 80 MS points), The Badge Pursuit Challenge (2 USD on PSN or 160 MS points), the A Slip of the Tongue Vice case and The Naked City Vice case (4 USD on PSN or 320 MS points each) will all be available to buy on download from today on PS3 and Xbox 360.

The new cases, Nicholson Electoplating and Reefer Madness, will be available from June the 21st and July the 12th respectively again for 4 USD on PSN or 320 MS points each.

Rockstar have also introduced a Rockstar Pass which is a way to buy all the DLC including pre-ordering the cases not out yet. From today until June the 14th the Rockstar Pass will be discounted to 10 USD on PSN or 800 MS points. After the 14th it will revert to the full price of 12 USD or 960 MS points.

Sam Houser, Rockstar founder said: "With its blend of real crime influences and noir atmosphere, L.A. Noire contains boundless potential for new stories and new cases. The four new cases are strong standalone stories that sit perfectly alongside the main game."

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