Pre-owned causing developers to shift to multiplayer to survive

Second-hand market is killing the single player game

Denis Dyack, the outspoken boss of Canadian outfit Silicon Knights has taken a break from taking on Epic Games in the courts to explain his views on the pre-owned games market.

Ever the controversial figure Dyack is convinced that the pre-owned games market is forcing developers to concentrate more efforts into creating multiplayer aspects to their games and taking their attention from creating truly high-quality single-player experiences.

Dyack explained:"What's really happening now is people are starting to say 'why is everyone pushing towards multiplayer?' Because the used game sales are hurting the single player experience so much, they're being forced in because of the economics, not because people who are doing single player games are saying,We really want to do multiplayer.' It's just a survival thing. That's why I think cloud computing and all those things are really going to do well for the industry. It's going to take some time, but I think its an eventuality."

He continued: "I think theres a statistic I saw that most of the boutique retailers are making more money and more sales off of used games than they are off of new games. Those companies are posting record profits and the publishers and developers are laying people off. Thats a very, very, very big problem in our industry."

With the shrinking size of single-player components in major titles like Medal of Honor, Call of Duty and, most notably, the four-hour campaign in Homefront, Dyack may just have a point this time.

Thanks IndustryGamers.

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